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ST. Thomas' College Of Education


Structure details of the proposed Teacher education programme (pl. ensure that the dimensions of classrroms, laboratories, library, multipurpose hall, floor wise area, total area etc are properly indicated in the approved building plan as per provisions of the NCTE Regulation, 2009.)

Total Land Area eanmarked for the proposed teacher training programme 13178.31 Sqm
Total Built up area 3869.27 Sqm
Infrastructure details as per provision of the NCTE Regulations, 2009 (the institution is required to fill up the information as per the applicability of the NCTE Regulations 2009 and norms & standards there under:-)
1 Class Room No. (i)716.00 Sq.ft.  (iii)716.00 Sq.ft. 
2   (ii) 716.00 Sq.ft. (iv)716.00 Sq.ft. 
3 Multipurpose Hall (i) 2298.00 Sq.ft.   
4 Library-cum-Reading room (i)1450.00 Sq.ft.   
5 ICT Resource Centre (i) 716.00 Sq.ft.  
6 Psychology Resource Centre (i) 716.00 Sq.ft.   
7 Art and Craft Resource Centre (i) 716.00 Sq.ft.   
8 Health and Physical education Resource Centre (i) 716.00 Sq.ft.   
9 Science and Mathematics Resource Centre (i) 716.00 Sq.ft.   
10 Principal's office (i) 471.00 Sq.ft.   
11 Staff room (i) 317.00 Sq.ft.   
12 Administrative office (i) 961.00 Sq.ft.   
13 Girl's Common Room (i) 578.00 Sq.ft.  
14 Seminar Room (i) 1206.00 Sq.ft.  
15 Canteen (i) ……...Sq.ft.  
16 Separate Toilet facility for Girls and Boys (i) 1878.00 Sq.ft.  
17 Parking Space (i) 5692.00 Sq.ft.  
18 Store Room (two) (i) 52.00 Sq.ft.
(ii) 52.00 Sq.ft.
19 Multi Purpose Play Field (i) 33786 Sq.ft.  
20 Open Space for additional accomodation    
21 Total Build up area in the Building  41633.33 Sq.ft  
22 Provisional of Hostel if any Yes/No

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