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ST. Thomas' College Of Education

  • ST. Thomas' College, Greater Noida

  • Hostel Building

  • Reception Area

  • Art and Craft

  • Science Lab

  • Music Room

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Classroom

  • Psychology Resource Center

  • ICT Resource Center and Language Lab

  • Well Equipped Library

  • Sports Facilities

  • Badminton Court


  Enlighten, Enable, Empower

Measure a nation’s progress not in terms of its GDP or its might as a global power, measure it rather on the parameter of its woman power. The statistics revealing the number of educated, financially independent, self reliant women, making informed choices, enjoying parity with their male counterparts, is not only a reflection but a true picture of the might of a nation.

  • Offering holistic education is our mission.
  • Sculpting balanced, complete and efficient individuals is our passion.
  • Faith in the Almighty is our life-spirit.
  • Service to humankind our impetus